Fix Touchwiz home has stopped error

Using a Samsung Galaxy S2 or S3 and getting the error “Unfortunately, Touchwiz home has stopped”? Fortunately there is a simple way to solve the problem.

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What devices are affected?

I use a Samsung Galaxy S2 on the Virgin Mobile network in Australia and recently updated to Android version 4.1.2. Once upgraded the Touchwiz error kept showing and the phone became unusable (I believe that the Touchwiz problem also occurs when running Android 4.2/Jelly Bean). This seems like a common problem with Samsung Galaxy phones on almost all Australian mobile networks (Optus, Telstra, Vodafone).

What is Samsung Touchwiz?

Touchwiz is the Samsung user interface. This means that it is Samsung developed software (i.e. not part of Google Android itself). Here is a video describing Touchwiz:

Instructions to get rid of the error

Here are the steps to take to fix the problem (on a Galaxy S2 although I’m sure it’s fairly similar for an S3):

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Under Device click Home screen mode.
  3. Select Easy mode.
  4. Click Apply.

That’s all. The “Unfortunately, Touchwiz home has stopped” should no longer appear but if you still have problems then install the Nova Launcher App from Google Play and this will be used on your phone instead of Touchwiz.

P.S. Read how to get better reception from your mobile phone with a quick settings change.


    • George W says

      you can get to the settings wagon wheel by dragging down the top of the screen (as you would to see what notifications you have). The wagon wheel is on the top RHS … and Home Screen Mode is top of the list. Selecting “Easy Mode” fixed it, but I think this is only a workaround …not a FIX per se.

      That fix would have to come from Samsung … and it is an old model now probably in their eyes …

      • George W says

        Now here is an interesting twist …. I read further about S-Planner .. so went to that and tapped it (my intention was to remove it) and now TouchWiz error occurs in both Easy and basic modes … so now what …?

        I have a dead duck of a phone!!!!

          • Grace says

            If you did install it (SPlanner) pull down your notify bar from the top of the screen and go into your settings; click on storage then applications wait for it to load then scroll down to you find TouchWiz. When found clear the cache. Say yes to it will make some apps to not work then finally reinstall the items you want on your home screen. easy or basic mode should both work

  1. Julie says

    I have the same Touchwiz issue on my S2. This fix has not helped me either. I can access settings (via the top swipe down method) – I have my screen setting on basic – no change. Looked at other forums – tried clearing cache on Touchwiz – no change. Tried rebooting – no change. Tried removing the battery and sim card and restarting – no change. It is impossible to go to playstore and download another launcher when no buttons work!
    Last resort – now I am trying full factory reset – complete pain as I have to reset all my accounts but at least I backed everything up first (contacts etc!). So far looks like this has worked. Fingers crossed it does not happen again!
    Time to trade in I think!!

    • says

      Yip, this Samsung problem really isn’t acceptable. What to get … HTC One? or Nexus 4 (I have a Nexus 7 and it is brilliant!)?

  2. Katie says

    To get in to the settings on the s2 if you’re having trouble, use the bottom left “touch button” and it will bring up a list of options which includes wallpaper, settings etc. My s2 does the waring every few seconds, my only fix so far as been putting the screen mode to easy. this is lame Samsung.

  3. Mark says

    Thanks Gary…solved a frustrating problem…still kinda frustrating to have to go back to Easy mode [shakes fist at Samsung] but way better than the situation I was in 5 minutes ago.

  4. Bob says

    Hi folks. My phone was actually in Easy Mode but the fix worked in reverse, i.e. I went to Basic mode. Thanks for the help.

  5. Anita says

    Hi if you go to settings then apps and go into touchwizz clear the cache and data it also fixes it. I also had the same problem and this was what fixed it for me :)

  6. chriswnl says

    Thanks! FYI while having had this a few times and having found this page, I investigated my problem further since I had to re-add all the widgets as all my screens were reset. It seems my S3 does this whenever I add the ‘S Planner (month) widget to a screen. Obviously it could be different widgets/programs causing this problem for different people but it might be worth trying to see what actions you can do to replicate the issue.

    Incidentally, I also have a PIN lock for security and the touchwiz is still happy when it just has to deal with the lock screen so as soon as the phone is unlocked (and yeah, again just for a couple of seconds) you can access the settings function before it throws a wobbly. Might be of use to someone…

    • Laim says

      My S2 was working fine after the upgrade to 4.1.2 until i put the S Planner widget on! My S3 has not had this problem, but i use the “Day” widget on my S3, not the “Month” widget. Seems as though the Month widget is one of the possible causes of this problem. Changing to Easy Mode makes the problem go away for me, but it’s only a band-aid fix. As soon as i switch back to Basic mode the error reappears and i don’t get enough time before the crash to remove the widget!!

  7. David says

    I have an S2 and just like everyone else I’ve tried the clear cache thing it worked but then when i added the S Planner widget like ‘chriswnl’ it happened again(didn’t matter whether it was on basic or easy screen mode). Also there’s this annoying thing that i’m quite frustrated about with touchwiz. when I do the clear cache thing and everything is momentarily fine, whenever I swipe to another screen the phone says “page 1 of 5, page 2 of 5, page etc…”. I mean literally it says that EVERY time I swipe screens and it’s really hard to swallow.
    If there’s anyone who knows how to deactivate this please do tell!

  8. yeshwant says

    hello , i am getting error of “unfortunately touchwiz home has topped working” on my s3 , when i click the touchwiz home option , and press Clear data , it says ” all this app’s data will be deleted permanently. This includes all files , settings ,accounts , databases will delete all data” . i am scared to do that . kindly advise

      • Liam says

        I did this on mine. All it does is deletes all the widgets from your home screens and resets it to the default widgets that were on the screen the first time you turned the phone on. It doesn’t delete any apps or accounts.

        Mine works fine now in Basic mode. DON’T USE the S Planner (Month) widget!!!!!

      • Liam says

        I did this. The only thing that it did was remove all my widgets from the home screens and all the factory default widgets on. This is the only way i could remove the widget that was causing my troubles (the S Planner Month widget).
        I’m now happily running in Basic mode again :)

  9. Mick says

    Worked for me on an S2. Switched from Basic to Easy via the pull down settings. Last update must have trashed something.

      • yeshwant says

        sorry i missed that , but it still is not working for me . so any advise on this , pls update. i am still getting the message . i have changed the animation scale fro 5x to 0.5x . this helped for some time but now the message is back.

          • yeshwant says

            hey , it worked .thanks a lot for ur help . I am not getting any error messages now . will keep checking anyway . just wanted to know what i should do about the Touchwiz app . should i let it be or should i delete it .

  10. Yogesh says

    Thanks for the post. I had troubles on my Samsung Galaxy S2. With the instruction above, it got fixed :)

  11. travis west says

    The touchwiz error at least for my phone was specificaly for a certain widget that I missed placed and let go of in the middle of changing pages it madeone page unviewable since there was an issue with that page and it wouldn load the widget. I disabled the widget and app through settings and was to fix that way. Maybe your error was for something similar and things may help. Dont blame galaxy this seems to be a user error issue and can be fixed if u know what u did to cause this issue

  12. travis west says


  13. Rich Proctor says

    Tried the fix on my galaxy 3 but no luck.The widget that screwed it up is ATTs pre installed weather widget which you can’t delete.Luckily the phone is under warranty and they will send you a new one. You will be forced to endure ATTs customer service.

  14. graham says

    Same problem on my s2.solved it by switching to easy mode and deleating the cache in touchwiz .then change back to basic mode and remove calender from homescreen page.

  15. Capricornladyk says

    Thank you, Gary. Your instructions were easily to follow, it fixed mine. I’m just about to pass on my S2 phone to my son and this happened. So glad it’s working well again.

  16. Vern says

    Thanks heaps for the above info. Couldn’t access anything except the top swipe down and had to be quick to get to it. Even the useless Samsung support didn’t know how to get to settings. Maybe they should learn a bit more about there own phones. So did a system reset, cleared all data, set to easy mode and I’ll see how that goes. Many thanks again guys, a fantastic help.

  17. junken says

    i have same problem here w/ my s3, so i did go to easy mode then the problem was gone but i haven’t tried the nova launcher yet

  18. says

    Yeah I had the same problems on my S2 with touchwiz crashing, was after I used S Planner. Only way I stopped it (fingers crossed its still OK) was to disable S Planner.

  19. Alan Harrison says

    Hi Gary. I have a problem with my Samsung S3 which I have had for over a year. In the last 3 weeks when I try to look something up on Google, I key in my search words and when I press ‘search’ – the phone shuts itself down and re starts. Any explanation or ideas that might help fix this? Very frustrating.
    Thx, Alan

  20. Julie Clark says

    Hi Gary..My Samsung is saying Unfortunately, Messaging has stopped, cannot access messages any clues..Thnx Julie

  21. Rob says

    Switching from easy mode to basic mode fixed the problem for me. Can someone tell me if this problem is due to Samsung releasing updates with bugs?

  22. Neata says

    I Can not get to the settings either, it keeps almost restarting its self. Has anyone been able to solve this with a master reset or something?

  23. Fernando Ferraz says

    Thanks for the post. I had troubles with touch wiz on my Samsung Galaxy S2. I have got fixed switch to Nova Luncher

  24. Steve says

    This is a work around not a solution. ‘Easy Mode’ is pathetic and I’d rather roll back to the default version that was shipped with the phone than use easy mode.

    I found that if you clear the settings for TouchWiz (done from within the applications menu), then it works again for a while. I’m guessing the phone eventually runs out of memory or something like that as it seems OK as long as you don’t use Calendar widget.

    If you disable S.Planner then you don’t have a calendar which is one of the most important features of this phone for me so that’s also a useless work around.

    Bloody untested software – this is worse than Windows!

    • says

      Steve, I agree. This is an unacceptable problem from Samsung. After using a Nexus for awhile I’ve come to realise just how good ‘plain vanilla’ Android is; there is no need for all this bloatware added by third parties such as Samsung.

  25. Cia says

    I managed to fix it by installing nova launcher. I like it much better than touchwiz. If you can get onto this page on the galaxy, it’s easy to click the link and run through Google play to install it.

  26. leslie says

    Good day!
    I had this problem early today with my samsung gs2 and FORTUNATE for me I saw this thread!
    The settings stuff did’nt work for me… the Nova Launcher did its job!

    Thanks for your suggestion!

  27. MK says

    hi all,

    please i have this annoying problem and dunno what to do.
    i have a note 3 and EVERY single time i press the home button, it shows that i have to choose between touchwiz and touchwiz easy.
    then i hit the touchwiz and press always and it appears on the default apps.

    but after that, it shows the same thing.


  28. yasmin qadir says

    hi plz help me actually i have rooted my samsung note 2 after that i uninstalled many system apps now my phone has blank and show touchwiz home has stopped plz solve my problem

  29. Luciano Fonseca says

    I have Galaxy SII
    I update the firmaware everything was fine until I try to place S Planner wiget, then this error start.
    I see other people say samething here about S Planner.

    I fixed clearing the TouchWiz cache. S Planner nerver more

  30. bhavya says

    I have the same problem but in samsung galaxy note 2. But i downloaded windows 8 and it doesn’t seems to be good. so, is nova launcher same as touchwiz home.
    Thanks.Please reply.

    and my messaging in the phone is also having a problem. So what should I do for that.

  31. Col says

    Thanks bloke. Couldnt get to settings but stuffed around and got there another way…somehow. Easy mode working at moment. Remember when you just hit green to answer and red to stop. Ho hum :)

  32. imran sarawar says

    hi my name is imran. i have also touchwiz problem with my samsung s. i tried to solve it many times. but fone is stil restarting. my fone is s3

  33. Momo says

    I am really frustrated because I can’t even get to Settings, it keeps on stating Settings has stopped working… I’m using S3. is there any fix that I can get??
    please hlep

  34. Brier says

    Hey i followed a few of the things people have said above and have managed to fix the problem. now just wondering if anyone has found a calendar widget that works well with the phone i downloaded 2 others but they wouldn’t work.

  35. says

    for the people who cannot access the settings here is what I have done
    Whence the home screen is on I dropped the top menu to open the options like wifi and GPS and other

    At the top tapped on the gear which opened the settings and there I changed the setting

  36. Karen says

    THANK YOU! I tried all day yesterday to fix my phone and nothing worked. Finally managed to get to the search from settings, to get onto the Internet and got nova launcher. Prior to that I had no access to anything on my phone. Installed Nova and have a working phone again. yay!

  37. Jon says

    PROBLEM SOLVED! THANKS TO ANITA! Going to easy mode doesn’t fix the problem, you just escaped problem. Going to settings, application manager, all, then look for touchwiz home. Clear the cache and the data. Problem solved! Thanks guys! Specially to ANITA!

  38. kajal says

    I have same issue I am using Samsung galaxy young 6312 as you say to do easy mode …its not working …still I got the error.. what should I do.?

  39. Ranjan Dulal says

    problem with touchwiz home??
    So the touchwix home has stopped working…A simple solution is to update the software….
    Go to “Settings…More…..About device…Software update….”
    then follow the steps that popup in ur samsung…..and after downloading and installing updates…
    ur phone will b restarted automatically (if not then restart manually)… Then there u are…touchwiz home is back again in a full working condition.

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