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There are many reasons that your Website should be using font icon fonts wherever possible in place of images. Icon fonts keep great resolution at most sizes (critical nowadays for retina and high dpi/resolution displays), are far lower in weight than images (i.e. you’ll get a faster loading Website) and font icons are really easy to style using CSS.

I’ve blogged about icon fonts (also called glyphs) in the past and use them on all WordPress Website I build now. There are many very good icon fonts available but I tend to use Font Awesome (actually designed for Twitter Bootstrap but works perfectly on WordPress) most of the time. Automattic (parent of WordPress) also make available a set of icon fonts called Genericons however I just prefer the wider choice available by using Font Awesome.

With the release of Font Awesome 3 recently came some great news for dentists, doctors, physiotherapists, first-aiders or anyone else providing medical services or products. Medical icons are now provided which will make your Website look beautiful, load faster and best of all, are screen reader compatible.

If you’d like a better looking medical Website please contact me.

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