How to fix Acer Aspire Fn locked problem

Yesterday I replaced my HP laptop for an Acer Aspire S3. The HP was good until the USB ports suddenly decided to stop working and it was time to get a lighter and faster mobile computer anyway. Fortunately I made a decision a while back to use ‘the cloud‘ for storing almost everything so it really isn’t a hassle moving to a new computer, smartphone etc. as I’m in no way tied down to one or two devices. I use the awesome Filezilla with all Site details shared on a Dropbox folder, User 1Password with a heavily encrypted centralised keychain, Gmail for email etc.

I haven’t worked much yet on the Acer Aspire but one thing that became obvious after a few updates was that the Fn key was always on; if I wanted to type hello, for example, he336 would show. Seriously annoying but fortunately this is a really simple problem to fix. All you need do is hold down the Fn key then press the F11 key (whilst still holding down Fn).

A nice quick and easy resolution to the Fn key being locked :)


  1. Jan Remes says

    Thank you very much for posting this. I was trying to make my colleague notebook’s keyboard work for hours, convinced that there is something wrong with Fn key

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