Solution – WordPress Image links not Saving

Is the required hyperlink/URL not saving on your WordPress Blog or Website images? I recently saw this problem for the second time and have discovered a solution. I've seen a few articles that recommend that the problem of image links not being saved on a Page or Post is related to either or all of Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Firefox or Internet Explorer however, where this error was occurring … [Read more...]

How Browser History Sniffing Works

Browser history sniffing is nothing new however continues to prompt debate; is it a black-hat, white-hat or grey-hat technique at identifying specifics of visitors to Websites? Browser history sniffing uses JavaScript and CSS (or Python) to identify Sites that the visitor has been to. This information may then be used for a multitude of purposes including customising the content of a page based on … [Read more...]

High PageRank Article Directories

Part of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is getting quality incoming links (also called backlinks and inlinks). Links are not simple to attain! One means of possibly attaining links is to publish articles for reuse through one of the various article publishing Sites /Article Directories. The advantage of using these Directories is that other sites may republish your articles and therefore you'll … [Read more...]