PayPal is Best – but has faults

PayPal is simple to setup but can be difficult to use at timesPayPal is awesome … but can be difficult to use!
I was interested to read an article by Eran Galperin where he states (this is very similar to what he wrote previously in a techfounder Website article):

PayPal’s API is among the worst I’ve ever had to deal with. Inconsistencies, sometimes poor or conflicting documentation, unpredictable failures and account changes, and major differences between the live and sandbox versions all conspire to make the PayPal API quite a pain in the arse to work with…

Sure, Eran is referring to the API which most people won’t touch. I’ve found when setting up eStores (Online Shops) for customers that even the process of setting up Website Payments Standard (WPS) is convoluted and difficult to understand. WPS is the most common type of account needed when setting up WordPress Online Shops using Shopp, WP-Ecommerce, eStore, WooCommerce or other ecommerce Plugins. WPS allows for simple integration and accepting of Payment via Visa, MasterCard or PayPal payment.

Even although PayPal WPS is simple to integrate with WordPress Shopp and other Plugins it is still difficult to understand the Payment and invoice process. A WPS account is particularly difficult to setup and I really feel sorry for any of my customers having to setup one of these accounts.

But, although not perfect, all-in-all PayPal is still the most simple to manage payment processor available. PayPal has it’s faults but once PayPal accounts and integrations are setup, they work very well.

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