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HTML5 allows all sorts of new functionality over HTML4HTML5, although still in development, is becoming widely supported by the various major browsers. The most talked about differences between HTML4 and HTML5 are the introduction in the new HTML version of various multimedia capabilities and elements (e.g. <video> and <audio>) and ‘offline Web applications’. The ramifications of HTML5 capabilities are significant from a Web designer perspective and ultimately Web surfers will benefit.

There are numerous excellent resources available for Web designers and those interested in HTML5 specifications. Here are some of the Site that I think are great:

HTML5 Rocks: This Site by Google has a ton of information as well as great tutorials and demos. Google has always been at the forefront of Web standardization and HTML5 Rocks is a great example of this. I love the ‘Typographic effects in canvas‘ tutorial!

HTML5 Test: Probably more informational and fun than useful, HTML5 Test runs a test on your browser to determine it’s capabilities in relation to HTML5. The Site has a useful HTML5 comparison of the various browsers including support by mobile and tablet devices.

HTML5 Doctor: This Site has masses of information regarding HTML5 and has a means for anyone to ask HTML5 related questions.. I particularly use the HTML5 element index. This Site also has a French sister site.

Dive Into HTML5: This absolutely beautiful Online book/Website is easy to read and really is essential reading for those that have some time to learn more about HTML5. Below is a small piece from the section on HTML5 semantics (I just love where the ‘just making Sh* up’ links):

Apple makes up all sorts of meta tags that arent't standard

WHATWG and W3C: These are the main HTML communities/bodies involved with HTML advancement. Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group (WHATWG) and the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) sites are packed full of HTML information however the information is technical in nature and can be overkill if you just need a very quick answer to your HTML5 questions.

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