Go DuckDuckGo!

There are hundreds of Internet Search Engines. The most popular Search Engines command the vast majority of Searches. In the U.S., Google, Bing/Yahoo and Ask enjoy over 98% of Search volume whereas the next 66 most significant Search Engines shared 1.94% of the Search volume (data from Hitwise, July 2010).

Some notable and many pretty ordinary Search Engines have come and gone with only the minority remaining. To gain a foothold in the Search market is very difficult especially when Google and some other Search engines are so good at doing what they are meant to do. To successfully enter and remain in the Search market, some better way to search needs to be offered to customers (internet surfers) and customers must be enticed to keep coming back to use the Search Engine repeatedly.

DuckDuckGo ROCKS!

Duck Duck Go is a relatively new Search Engine that, I believe, has the potential to do extremely well. It delivers SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) extremely quickly and has a very clean and easy to read GUI. Google also delivers results fast and has a ‘clean’ interface but Duck Duck Go offers many additional and very cool features;

Duck Undercover

Unlike all major Search Engines, ‘by default, DuckDuckGo does not collect or share personal information’ and this Search Engine, Like Google, offers encrypted Search (although like all https, the connection is marginally slower). Search and social media privacy is a heated topic so DuckDuckGo, being privacy aware, is sure to appeals to many who are concerned about Online privacy. DuckDuckGo prides itself on its short and to the point privacy policy and it’s interesting to note that Google has recently trimmed its policy.

Zero-click and Official Site

Enter a Search and, besides the extremely fast emergence of the results, one immediately notices a bordered box with a snippet of relevant information near the top of the SERPs. DuckDuckGo calls this ‘Zero-click info’ and it is an incredibly useful feature. As the name implies, without having to click, information about the Search is provided. This is a huge time saver as the most relevant information is attained from Wikipedia, Merriam-Webster, Crunchbase, SourceForge etc. and displayed neatly at the top of the Search results.

Another challenge with most Search Engine results is attempting to identify the most official of the results returned. Just below the ‘Zero-click’ info the first result is the ‘Official site’ (that is identified as such) and is the most likely, well, official site for that Search term.

Search Shortcuts

There are many clever shortcuts and tools built into DuckDuckGo. Many of these are ‘twitter-esque’ in that they are crude, quirky, effective and great fun to use (e.g. the # (hashtag) or @ symbols in Twitter). For example, are you wagering a bet as to what sex a friend’s baby is? Just enter ‘Male or Female’ into the DuckDuckGo search box. Want a random password to be generated for you? Just enter ‘pw’ into DuckDuckGo search. A subset of all these clever little ‘goodies’ are available at DuckDuckGo.

Better Quality Results

The Data used for the Search results are attained via multiple sources; Wikipedia, Yahoo! Search BOSS, their own Web crawler called DuckDuckBot as well as numerous other sources. Quality is greatly enhanced by certain Websites/Domains being filtered-out of the Search results due to their mass low-quality content (such as eHow). The Search results are by far the best that I have seen from any Search Engine.

This Duck Flies …

DuckDuckGo deserves to do well! It is fast, accurate and awesome to use. Give it a try below …

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