Fix Contact Form 7 not sending email

One of the most popular WordPress contact form plugins is the awesome Contact Form 7. I’ve used Contact Form 7 successfully on over 100 Websites with no problems at all … until recently. I changed the Webhost for my Website as my old host was simply useless. Once I’d moved, I noticed that emails from Contact Form 7 weren’t being sent. Weird!

How WordPress sends Email

WordPress does some clever email work in the background. This ‘cleverness’ makes sending email from a WordPress Website painless (ever noticed that you don’t need to enter any SMTP, usernames or passwords to send email?). The problem however comes in where hosts haven’t enabled the default means that WordPress uses to send email or the Host has blocked the sending of anonymous emails. It’s understandable that hosts may block emails being sent where there is no validation of the sender as so much spam email is sent and the Host may just be trying to minimise the chance of spam email being sent from their servers.

How to get Contact Form 7 to send email

So how can we get WordPress to send emails when the default means isn’t working. Simple just install the free WP Mail SMTP Plugin and enter your Gmail or other email SMTP (outgoing email) settings and emails should be sent fine once again. Nice!

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