Car Companies using WordPress

WordPress is used to power all sorts of Websites and Blogs. In this Post I’ll show five car companies using WordPress (although there are many other new and used car companies using WordPress).


Ford Social is a Website with which the company aims to interact more with it’s customers. Choosing WordPress (WP) to power this Site is a great idea as WP has very strong capabilities where interaction and communication are required.  The  custom Theme used on this Site has a significant amount of the Site functionality inbuilt (removing the need to use many Plugins).


Volkswagen use WordPress extensively to power their Blogs. VW Sites using WordPress include Think Blue, The Upcoming and Concept Cars Blog and the VW Jetta Blog. The Sites use custom Themes as well as some popular free Plugins such as WP-Polls and NextGEN Gallery.


In many ways this Jeep Blog is quite simple; it uses a fairly wide sidebar widget area on the right and no footer widget area. The Site however is full of information and various media including text, video and a Twitter and Facebook widget. The Theme used is a standard premium Theme by WooThemes and, just like on the VW Blogs, the WP-Polls Plugin is used.


Swiveling headlights as a safety feature on cars isn’t a new feature. Citroen popularized this means of having better visibility when turning way back in numerous car models in 1967. Audi now calls this Adaptive Light, Lexus calls it the Adaptive Front Lighting System and Mercedes the Cornering Light Function.

Citroen uses WordPress to power various Sites including their Italian Blog. Fewer Sites are using Adobe Flash nowadays but this Blog uses a Flash header very effectively. WP Super Cache is installed to speed up Page load times (but unfortunately isn’t working per the message flagged by the Plugin ‘WP Super Cache is installed but broken’). The Plugin WP Lightbox 2 adds lightbox effects.


Toyota Europe, Toyota U.K. and other Toyota Blogs are powered by WordPress. Custom designed WP Themes are used as well as two free and very popular WordPress video related Plugins; TubePress and Viper’s Video Quicktags. The very good Google Analytics Plugin, Google Analytics for WordPress is also used.


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